Oh, hey. 

My name is Jorie Anna. As in Tori with a ‘J.’ I like to go by Jojo, but I will answer to just about anything. 

I am an open heart surgery RN. I guess you could say I’m a heart girl. I am also a wine enthusiast/wanna be world traveler/book lover/coffee drinker/nap taking girl. I have a rescue shih tzu named FRIG that I love more than most people. I talk more in quotes and song lyrics than anything else. 

I hate being in big groups of people- actually around most people in general, but I hate feeling lonely. I am always tired, but can never sleep at night. I hate messy unorganized things, but I’ll leave my shoes in the middle of the floor for a week (it’s standard location, duh). I often get called an Ice Queen, but I’m extremely emotional. I have so much to say, but talking literally exhausts me. I want to change the world, but I don’t know what that means yet. 

The past two years has been a mix of the worst and best times of my life. There were months that I didn’t think I could survive the darkness another day, and then there were days I felt so happy I could explode. My story didn’t just start two years ago though, it’s been a journey starting back as long as I can remember. There are so many things I wish I could go back and change, but I’ve accepted that those things are just a part of my story. I’m no longer ashamed of my story anymore. I’m no longer ashamed of who I am. I am who I am. I am enough. 

My name is Jorie Anna. I am 25 years old. I’ve seen and experienced much more than anyone should ever have to experience. I am a daughter and a sister. I’m a sinner that has been saved by grace. 

“And I want to tell my story so people don’t have to die before they decide they want to live.” 


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