Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. I know this day is challenging for a lot of people. There are a few friends in my inner circle that are struggling with the recent loss of their mom or struggling with infertility. Mother’s Day can be really hard, but for me, it’s one of the easiest days to celebrate. Because I have the best mother (or non) in the world. 

At church today, our pastor called a few volunteers on stage and asked each one to describe their mother using only one word. I was thinking to myself how thankful I was that I didn’t get called on, because choosing just one word to describe my mom would be impossible. 

My non is selfless. I can’t think of all the times she did without so my brother and I could have everything we not only needed, but wanted. She sacrificed sleep and food. My brother and I never knew the extent of her selflessness growing up, but now as we are older we are beginning to realize the great depths of her sacrifices.

My non is grit. She single handedly raised my brother and me. She had a full time job and cleaned houses on top of that. She never missed a game or practice. There were a lot of dark times for my mom, but she always perservered. She taught my brother and I that hard work is the only work there is.

My non is a teacher. She taught me to ride a bike and how to catch a softball. She taught me my love of reading. Also, my love for wine. She taught me how to be kind, even when it isn’t deserved. She taught to dream and always believe in myself. She taught me to love scary movies. 

My non is dramatic. She really is the most dramatic person I know. Like award winning drama. She showed my brother and me that it was okay to feel our emotions. She showed us how to grieve, and then pick yourself back up again. She showed us how to be brave and fight for what you believe in. She taught us to be great storytellers (all the drama). She showed us it’s okay to be angry, but to choose your words wisely. She showed us to be happy and to sing in the kitchen. 

My non is fun. She is always first to remind me not to take life too seriously. She always encouraged us to not be embarrassed about trivial things. To always get up and dance. She is the original Cardinal Puff, and passed the title to me. (Once it was earned of course.)

My non is Jesus loving. There isn’t many mornings that I can remember, that she wasn’t at our kitchen table with her Bible open. She taught me how to pray. She reminded my brother and me that she loves us, but Jesus loves us more. 

My non is strength. She is one of the strongest people I have ever known. She does what it right, even when it’s difficult. She showed me it’s okay to stand alone. She showed me it’s never too late to start over. 

My non is grace. She is my mentor, my best friend, my confidant, my cheerleader, my pray warrior. She is all of these things, but she is only human. She is flawed and makes mistakes. She has shown me to own who you are and to show compassion to others when they make mistakes as well.

So here’s to you, non. Happy Mother’s Day. 

All that I am is because of you. I love you.